An experience like no other at the best five star resorts in Thekkady.

At Hills and Hues, our effort is to offer a luxurious holiday experience in Thekkady that is perfectly balanced. By balance we mean an experience wherein you can appreciate the subtle nuances of nature’s immeasurable beauty while indulging in a luxurious stay. We encourage you to experience the local community, the history and the culture that makes Thekkady a place to remember. Our team has made every step to incorporate all these elements into the experience at Hills and Hues. From the influence of colonial architecture to the beauty of the flora and fauna, every element of your stay with us at Hills and Hues will show you why we are the best place to stay in Thekkady.

Get to know all that you can do and experience at one of the best honeymoon resorts in Kerala.

In fairytales elves are seen to be busy creatures that are always on the lookout for new adventures and trying out new things. It is from the elves that we at Hills and Hues take inspiration from. We strive to enhance the holiday experience in Thekkady for you by engaging you with activities that help you better appreciate the local beauty and culture of Thekkady. At the resort you can partake in unique activities like the ’Chef’s Hat’ where you can assume the role of our chef and improve or even show off your culinary skills with a cooking lesson by our in house chef or ‘The Woods Trail’, a walk around the local countryside to take in the sights and sounds of the local flora and fauna. At Hills and Hues we make every effort to ensure that your stay with us turns into a beautiful chapter of a fairytale holiday experience in Thekkady.

The Woods Trail - Nature Walk

A walk along the serene countryside taking in the local sights and sounds might just be the perfect way to better appreciate the beauty of nature and the simple life of the countryside. You can interact with people from the local community and indulge in some sightseeing.

Yoga and Meditation

At Hills and Hues we encourage you to take a yoga session to help you relax your mind and body.

Chef’s Hat - Cooking Lesson

You can take the role of a chef by indulging yourself and showing off your culinary skills under the expert guidance of our chef. Our guests will find it enjoyable to learn and try out some of the local recipes.

Birding Time - Bird Watching

For bird lovers we provide you with the opportunity to spend some time watching some of the rare species of birds that frequent the area around which the property is situated.

Tree of Life - Plant a Tree Programme

‘The Tree of Life’, a program where you can take part in a beautiful and unique process that lets you plant a tree sapling in the premises of our resort. We believe that there is nothing more fulfilling than adding a piece of life that will help preserve life itself.

A Fairytale Wedding - Dress like a Keralite Bride and Groom

This is a unique way where you can get dressed up like a traditional Kerala bride and groom. We will indulge you with a small photo session to help make it a beautiful memory.

Chocolate Making

As you take a walk down the countryside you can indulge yourself by spending time with some of the local cottage industries like chocolate making. You can treat yourself to some of the finest homemade chocolate as you learn the nuances of chocolate makings at one of these chocolate producing units.

Tea Tasting

As part of your experience at Thekkady, we will take you to visit one of the local tea plantations where you can see the process of tea being cultivated. You can also choose to interact with some of the tea estate workers and learn more about their lives and finally indulge yourself in some tea tasting under the guidance of an expert.

A Castle Atop Periyar Hills
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