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Travel Tips of Thekkady
Shopping in Thekkady

Souvenirs and memories from Thekkady

Thekkady is indeed overpowering with its dense forests and greenish grasslands. Other than being the paradise on earth, Thekkady is also known as a great shopping area.  Who wouldn’t love to collect something after exploring a place? If you are looking for some shopping tips in Thekkady, here is a blog that you may find handy.  A Walk through the shopping streets of Thekkady would intoxicate you with the smell of tea, coffee, handmade chocolates, etc., and would provide a pocket-friendly and culturally nourishing shopping experience. To discover new places and enjoy new experiences is indeed blissful, but no travel journey is complete without collecting a piece of that place to preserve those memories forever.  There are many special items to buy from Thekkady. A few items are listed below. Take extra luggage as you are about to be amazed at the plethora of things you may find to shop! 

Spices, tea powder, and coffee powder

The tea from these large estates is outstanding. The quality of Thekkady tea leaves has been highly known among tourists. You can taste samples of tea and coffee from the various tea factories and buy from there. The Malabar monsoon coffee is rich in color, aroma, and taste. The coffee beans sold here are also pretty popular. The strong and pleasant spices of Thekkady are a must-buy on your visit. There are separate stalls selling cinnamon rolls, green pepper, star anise, nutmeg, cloves, fenugreek, etc. A pinch of these in your delicacies would surely make your taste buds explode. If you are a health-conscious person, you may find spices and saffron cultivated in small plots by small-scale farmers. This way you can contribute to help them apart from getting organic products.

Handloom fabrics

The Kerala handloom is well known for its beautiful Kasavu and top-quality fabric. It is a trend to celebrate special days like Onam and vishu in the Kerala kasavu sari and mundu. The attire with its folds and pleats is the ultimate word of elegance. You can buy a mundu or a Kerala saree from Handloom shops here. You can also check out other apparels sold by them like kurtas, Kashmiri pashmina shawls, etc.  You may buy bright-colored souvenir T-shirts with animal icons to revive the memories of your Periyar reserve visit. You can do shopping at Kumily, which is located just 4 kilometers from Thekkady, or even the local streets near the reserve. 


The sculptures from India have a value of their own. You can check out a number of handmade sculptures made of rosewood or sandalwood, carved with precision and beauty. These are good showpieces to decorate your home while proudly bragging about your traveling experiences. You also get items like household utensils, furniture, kitchenware, traditional lamps and batik paintings, handmade souvenirs made out of coconut shells, fibers, seeds, and coir. These are best for gifts for your loved ones. They even sell woolen carpets, hand-knotted silks, and crafty paperwork. Make sure to take extra luggage on your visit to Thekkady. 

Forest/tribal products

 Thekkady is rich for its tribal legacy. Generations of tribal groups have thrived in the forests for decades. Though the advent of ecotourism had imposed restrictions on them for collecting goods, the community is still self-sufficient. You can buy dried fruits, wild honey, toys made of coconut shells, and wood from the vicinity. The local artisans make bronze and wooden handicrafts which are sold in the weekly market held on Thursdays

Kerala ethnic products

The best souvenirs to take from Kerala without a doubt are ethnic products crafted with natural ingredients. You can find handcrafted miniature nettipattams, kathakali masks, boat models of chundan vallams , nilavilakku ( Kerala styles lamps) etc. . 

Kerala special snacks, fresh chips, and homemade chocolates

Kerala is well known for freshly fried banana chips. This delicacy has been in high demand and is a favorite among visitors who come to visit Kerala. The delicious snack is made by frying salted raw bananas in coconut oil. Other than that, sweets and homemade chocolates are also special delicacies. Without any preservatives and taste enhancers, these chocolates are mostly made by housewives.

Garden fresh fruits and vegetables

What is a Keralite home without a backyard kitchen garden?. The cool and sunny climate is best for growing fruits and vegetables. Apart from the vast acres of farms, there are many small-scale farmers who grow organic fruits and vegetables for sale. You can visit these backyard farms at a very low fee and purchase goods from them. 

It is a necessity more than a luxury to find a good stay in this Pandemic. Though there are a number five star resorts and hotels, it is always better to select the best for your trip. With a 180 degree view from the Periyar River, Cumbum and Theni fields, and Periyar tiger reserve, Hills and Hues are the best 5 star resort in Thekkady Periyar. The British-style architecture sprinkles magic on each nook and corner of the fairy castle, making it the best hotel in Periyar. Being the only boutique hotel to be located at a high altitude in Thekkady, the climate along with the romantic atmosphere makes it the best honeymoon resort in Kerala.

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