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Periyar- Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many tigers are in Periyar Tiger Reserve?
There are about 35 tigers in Periyar tiger reserve according to the tiger census taken in 2017. The possibility of spotting these majestic cats during a safari through the jungle has imparted a golden status to this reserve.

2. Which state does Periyar Tiger Reserve forest belong to?
Periyar Tiger reserve belongs to Kerala. Spread over an area of 297 square miles, the sanctuary has the Periyar lake as its lifeline. The reserve is famous for its lush green forest and activities provided there for tourists such as hiking, camping, safari etc.

3. What was the first name of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary?
Periyar Wildlife sanctuary was once known as Periyar Lake reserve. In 1978, the government included the sanctuary under project tiger and renamed it as Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. The reserve was found to be so rich in rare species of flora and fauna that it was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by the government then.

4. Is Thekkady,Periyar and Kumily same?
Yes, Thekkady and Kumily are almost the same place. Though located 2 to 3 kilometers apart, Thekkady is where the reserve is situated whereas Kumily is the town area where accommodation places can be found. Thekkady is Knowm as Periyar by tourists around the world.

5. Which is India's largest tiger reserve?
Corbett tiger reserve located in Uttarakhand with about 231 tigers is the largest tiger reserve in India.

6. Which is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala?
Periyar Wildlife sanctuary with an area of 777 square kilometer is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. The sanctuary is the home to a number of species of flora and fauna.

7. Which is the largest bird sanctuary in Kerala?
The largest bird sanctuary is Thattekad bird sanctuary located in Kothamangalam Thaluk in Ernakulam district. Spread over an area of 25 square kilometers, this is the first bird sanctuary of the state.

8. Which is the largest national park in Kerala?
The largest national park in Kerala is Eravikulam National Park at Idukki district with an area of about 97 square kilometers. Declared as a national park in 1978, the Nilgiri Tahr or the wild goat is the main attraction here.

9. Are there wild tigers in Kerala?
Yes there are wild tigers in Kerala. Tigers can be spotted in Periyar wildlife sanctuary and Silent Valley National Park in Nilgiri hills in Palakkad. Hundreds of tourists rush to this park to spot wild tigers and herds of elephants.

10. Which is the largest tiger reserve in the world?
Hukaung Valley Tiger reserve of Myanmar is the largest tiger reserve in the world. With over an area of 8,452 miles, the place has the potential to nurture a large number of tigers.

11. Which sanctuary in Kerala is known for elephants?
Periyar National Park in Thekkady is known for elephants in Kerala. It is a common site to view herds of elephants grazing through the grasslands and walking through the crossing junction inside the sanctuary.

12. Are there lions in Kerala?
There are lions in Kerala. The best place to spot a lion is at Neyyar sanctuary in Trivandrum.

13. Which country has most tigers?
India hosts the largest tiger population in the world. There are about 2,226 tigers which make up about 2/3 rd of the tiger population of the whole world.

14. Which country has most Lions?
India with a number of 2,400 has the largest number of lions in the world. There are sanctuaries like Kuno wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, Sita Mata wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan, Chandra Prabha wildlife sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh and Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan. You can also spot lions in Sasan Gir forest of Gujarat.

15. Who declares a Tiger Reserve?
The National Tiger conservation Authority with the wild life amendment act of 2006 has the power to declare an area as a reserve. This is carried out under a scheme called project tiger.

16. What is the difference between Tiger Reserve and National Park?
There are three main differences between a tiger reserve and a sanctuary are . The rights of people of a national park should settled whereas in a tiger reserve, some of the rights are to be allowed. Livestock grazing is to be prohibited inside a national park whereas it can be allowed in a controlled manner in certain areas of the tiger reserve. A reserve can be made into a National park whereas a national park cannot be downgraded to a reserve.

17. Which national park has most tigers?
Corbett tiger reserve (CTR) in Uttarakhand has the most number of tigers in India. With a number of 231 tigers, CTR is a zenith for tiger lovers. The second park with the most number of tigers is Kaziranga National park in Assam.

18. Is Tiger Population Increasing in India?
There was a rapid increase in the population of tigers from 2,226 in 2014 to 2,967 in 2018. With the lush green natural habitat and conservation policies, Kerala has become a good place to view tigers with its tiger reserves like Periyar Tiger reserve in Thekkady and Silent Valley tiger reserve in Palakkad. Periyar Tiger reserve is especially famous for spotting these majestic creatures during safaris which are provided inside the forest.

19. Why is Periyar National Park famous?
Periyar National Park is famous as a protected area for tigers and elephants. The park has a picturesque 100 years old lake which is the lifeline for the flora and fauna there. There are about forty tigers here which can be spotted during safari, camping and other activities inside. The elephant crossing junction in park is also a major attraction.

20. What is Periyar famous for?
Periyar is famous for the national park and wildlife sanctuary that holds a number species of flora and fauna. The tiger reserve is spread to an area of 297 square miles and the dense moist deciduous forest of the area is sure to amaze the tourists.

21. What is the largest tiger reserve in India?
Nagarjunsagar Srisailam bordering Andra Pradesh and Telangana is the largest tiger reserve in India in terms of area. With an area of 700 square kilometers, the reserve is spread over five districts including Prakasham, Kurnool, Guntur, Mahbubnagar and Nalgonda.

22. Which Indian state has largest forest area?
Madhya Pradesh has the largest forest area .About 77,414 square kilometers of the state is covered with forest. About 25.11% of the total area of the state is covered with forests.

23. Where can I see tigers in Kerala?
The best place to spot a tiger in Kerala is Periyar Tiger reserve in Thekkady . You have fair chances to spot this beautiful beast as the number of tigers is considerable here. Silent valley tiger reserve in Nilgiri hills of Palakkad district, Ranni and Malayatoor wildlife divisions also host a number of tigers.

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