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  • The Visual feast of Parunthumpara
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The Visual feast of Parunthumpara

‘Parunthumpara’ meaning the eagle rock essentially got its name from the 360 degree view that one can view from the top of this rock. On travelling 25 kilometers from Thekkady town (50 minutes if by road), you reach this spectacular spot that takes your breath away. There are vendors selling ice creams and eatables nearby and you can have a snack if your tummy rumbles. The mighty rocky hill is crowned with lush greenery and embraced by a cool misty breeze. But inside the beauty of these hills, also lurks danger, as one side of the cliff is edged by deep trenches. However, after you climb up the tricky rocks with perspiration, the reward waiting would definitely be a colorful treat for the eyes. If you are tired of the cliché holidays with the usual scenery, the same fast food and boring routes, Parunthumpara will be a unique experience for you. It would be challenging to climb up to the topmost rock, take a deep breath and enjoy the majestic view of nature occasionally shown by occasional mist in a mischievous way. There is a hustle of tourist rushing here yearly for the breathtaking view of the cascade of
waterfalls, endless range of hills and the evergreen forests of Sabarimala. Parunthumpara is also known as Tagor hill for the noticeable resemblance of a rock with the face of the poet Rabindranath Tagore. On driving 50 minutes from Hills and Hues Boutique Hotel, one of the best Boutique resorts in Thekkady, You reach Parunthumpara. The nearest city to this spot is Peerumedu which is about 5.9 kilometers from Parunthumpara.

Best time to visit Parunthumpara
The best time to visit the eagle rock would be from September to March when the weather is moderate and the mist gives way more often to see nature’s scenic game of hide and seek. But fact remains that each day of the year, early mornings and evenings are magical with the misty hide and seek game here. If you are looking for some hiking fun on your holiday, Parunthumpara is the best place for you.

How to reach Parunthumpara
Parunthumpara is located at a distance of 138 kilometers from Cochin International Airport. You can catch a train from Kottayam railway station and travel 83 kilometers straight from there. You can also board a train from Ernakulam railway station and travel 123 kilometers to reach Parunthumpara. The Elapara route with its amazing tea estates and forests would be the most recommended route. If you are coming by road, the best way would be to drive 133 Kilometers straight from Cochin. You can also touch scenic spots like Panchalimedu, Kuttikanam, Vagamon and Peerumedu on the way.

Hotels /Resorts near Parunthumpara
A huge number of accommodation options fill your search history while digging for a good place to stay. If you are on your sweet newlywed days, you might even search hard for the best honeymoon resorts in  Kerala. But why provide a mere good one when you can provide your loved ones the best place to complete your holidays? Welcome to Hills and Hues Boutique Hotel, the best boutique resort in Kerala. How do you feel about taking a warm dip from an infinity pool after a tiring day at Parunthumpara? Or having an outstanding cozy meal with your favorite dishes and sleeping in one of the most premium chic hotels of Kerala. Wake up to the unique 180 degree view of the tinted Periyar lake on one side, the fruitful villages of Kambam and Theni on the other and the rest of the view filled with lush green forests?. Your search for the perfect hotel in Thekkady ends here. Stay at Hills and Hues,5 star resort in thekkady  and enjoy the most perfect holiday of your life.

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