24 Jan

See Thekkady in its many hues, many moods…

There is a reason it is called God’s Own Country. The landscape visibly changes once you cross the borders and enter Kerala. Things get noticeably green, nature’s beauty stands to attention and the road to heaven seems a little clearer that before. There are also nooks and corners of Kerala that transport you to a whole new world. Thekkady is one such popular tourist place. 

From the thick foliage that surrounds Thekkady to the Periyar Natural Wildlife Reserve to the Mullaperiyar Dam, this tourist town has so much for you to indulge in. Whether it is a quiet getaway or a tryst with nature, or some adventure seeking in Kurisumala or even a day in the midst of plantations like estates of Kumily and Murikkady offer you, there is just so much.

It is also home to H&H, the one organization that knows travel is not just about the popular tourist options that every destination has to offer, but about getting into the heart of things. Holidays have become shorter these days with people preferring to stick to the tried and tested rather than be adventurous. H&H assures you that everything from a short holiday to a long one and every kind in between can be something unique.

From tourist spots that are yet to hit the radar among travellers, to experiences in food, adventure, relaxation and interaction with Nature, there are so many things that H&H can include in your itinerary showing to you a side to Thekkady that has never been explored before. 

So the next time you are planning a holiday to Thekkady, let H&H add a dimension to it that you did not think was possible. Trust us! It will be a holiday that truly lives up to the thought- ‘holiday of a lifetime’.

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