30 Jan

Plan a Travel Calendar for 2017

Travelling the world and experiencing it first hand—there can be nothing more fulfilling and enriching than this. That being said, most of us don’t really have the luck of being able to travel whenever we would like to because of commitments we already have, for financial reasons or many a times, for simply not having planned in advance.

Well! Don’t let the lack of planning stop you from travelling smartly. This is where a travel calendar comes in handy. Here is how you can make one.

Firstly, get a copy of all the holidays and off-days that your company gives you, besides the weekends, of course. Pick out the long weekends or holidays that can be extended to long weekends with just an additional day or two of leave. 

Next, make a list of places that are achievable in the number of holidays you have. Club longer weekends with casual leave that you are entitled to, to take longer trips of a week or so. In such cases you can think of doing an international trip, or even a road trip within the country, covering a long, interesting stretch of places.

Plan for one extravagant holiday, and a few short, budget trips. Doing this at the beginning of the year will help you plan out your finances, apply for leave well in advance and even book tickets at better rates. Early bird ticket prices are not an advertising gimmick and you can get up to 50% off on international and domestic flight fare if you look at booking 6 months or so in advance.

You should also consider planning holidays of different kinds—go on a solo trekking adventure or a rejuvenation holiday, take the family out for a laidback vacation in the mountains or by the beach, visit interesting historical spots or experience a cultural festival at any international or local destination. Follow this up with a short staycation, at a close by resort or even a boutique hotel in your city. Group buying sites have now made such extravagances well affordable. You could also consider thematic holidays—a spa vacation or perhaps a culinary journey. These add more elements of fun to your trip.

For every holiday plan that you have, make sure you give yourself a few months to make all the plans. This gives you enough of time to make bookings, plan your itinerary and even budget it right. At every holiday, give yourself some leeway for some unexpected things that you will want to fit into your plans. You may not know it while planning, but there may be a local festival or bazaar or adventure that you may hear of only when you arrive at your destination. Always make slightly flexible plans.

So get that travel calendar going and tick some of those places off your bucket list.

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